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Zhejiang East View Industry and Trade Group was founded in 1985, it was firstly a factory producing wooden Furniture & Home decorations. After more twenty years of efforts, Now it is developed to be a Group with five subsidiary companies in different domain

The subsidiary companies are involved in the industries and services of Furniture 。

Gifts, handicrafts , dairy use products producing, real estate development, mining &

Quarrying etc..

These subsidiary companies are below:

Zhejiang Taizhou East View Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.  ( Furniture, Home Decorations )

Zhejiang Taizhou East View Gifts Co.,Ltd.  ( Gifts & Toilet seats )

Jiangxi East View Real Estate development Co.,Ltd  ( Real Estate )

Shandong Xinda Real Estate development Co., Ltd.( Real Estate)

Yunnan Yongping East View Mining Co.,Ltd.  ( Copper Mining )


The group is still expanding and continuing its step of pluralistic development.

The registered capital of the group now is 7.50 million US dollars, and holding a fixed asserts of 45 million US dollars. The factory located in the group headquarter has a standard workshop space of 400,000 square meter, has over 1,000 staffs, including 210 high class technicians..


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